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Addiction affects over 23 million Americans, and that number is growing. Recommended Rehabs was created to help you find the best possible options when seeking help for a drug and alcohol problem. We have a dedicated staff that understands addiction. We have been through it and found recovery thanks to drug rehab centers.

about-usRecommended Rehabs is focused on a mission to connect the country’s best rehab centers and facilities with those who need help overcoming addiction. Our goal is to be a clearinghouse of information and a convenient pipeline to vital services that may otherwise be hard to find. Our search directory lists thousands of locations, including every state in the U.S.

Often, people suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol wait until reaching a crisis stage before deciding to seek rehabilitation. By then, the challenge of finding and evaluating the best treatment program for their needs, and in a convenient location, is overwhelming. Our goal is to make sure those individuals and all who seek help find the right source as quickly as possible.

At the same time, we aim to help our participating facilities connect with people in need and increase their ability to keep a full roster of vital programs running, with the most professional staff available.

Each facility listed on our pages is given a star rating and review, based on feedback from past clients and patients of each center, and from a variety of online reviews. Anyone seeking a reliable location for care and effective treatment for substance abuse will have access to the feedback of those who have already experienced treatment at a location, providing unique insights to consider when making such a crucial life-changing decision.

As time goes on, we will continue to build our database and information center, whenever new advice and proven approaches become available, and as more and more rehab facilities join our community. We strongly recommend that your first step is to seek the advice of a caring medical professional, ideally your primary care provider. Should you have a life-threatening emergency situation, please dial 911 right away.

How Recommended Rehabs Can Help the Addict

When we were creating our directory, we looked at how we can really help people find help for their drug problem and make the choice to get help. We want to make the process as easy as possible for the addict or their loved ones. Our comparison tool, user submitted reviews, and advanced facility descriptions help you find the program that will address your individual needs.

innovative-marketingIf you find that you still need assistance don’t panic. Recommended Rehabs is here for you 24/7 to help you find a program that will help you start your journey of recovery. Call us today if you need assistance, at 1-800-581-0754.

Innovative Marketing Solutions for Drug Rehabs

Here at Recommended Rehabs, we’ve taken a look at the numbers. Of the 23 million Americans addicted, only 11% receive treatment according to SAMHSA’s latest survey on addiction. That leaves over 20 million people who don’t seek treatment for substance abuse.

Recommended Rehabs is dedicated to continuing to find new and innovative ways to reach those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We aim to provide integrated marketing strategies for treatment centers to help more people. From search engine optimization to alumni program management systems, we offer a variety of digital marketing solutions to lead generation.

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