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How to Choose the Best Drug Rehabs

When you make the choice to change your life by overcoming addiction and substance abuse, you begin to face a series of decisions. You’ll need to decide on the type of treatment facility you prefer and your medical professional recommends. There are multiple factors to weigh, from the duration of the program, type of treatment, philosophy, the size of the facility, choice of services, and budget.

The first choice will be between outpatient or inpatient—meaning residential—programs. There are benefits to either approach. Outpatient treatment means living at home and attending sessions for counseling and other kinds of treatment on scheduled days, from a few hours up to all day.


Inpatient or residential treatment means living and participating in on-site programs, focusing entirely on recovery 24/7. There are pros and cons to each approach. The convenience and lower cost for outpatient treatment may determine your choice, while the long-term impact of inpatient therapies may outweigh any disadvantages of interrupting work and home life.


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Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Every individual’s needs and issues will be different, and treatment will be developed by professional staff specifically to address them. Facilities that specialize in inpatient rehabilitation programs usually follow a similar sequence of steps, beginning with detoxification. The period of detox involves a guided process for stopping the use of an abused substance, whether drugs or alcohol. In the case of substance abuse, professional medical supervision is a key component in assuring a safe, effective start to the treatment process. Behavioral addictions, such as gambling and sex, don’t always require a detox phase.

The second phase of treatment focuses on the psychological aspects of all addiction and involves a range of support programs, such as psychological counseling, peer group interactions, and medical support. As patients work through these steps, they may be offered choices for supplementary life skills training, to ensure a successful return to their normal lives. Varying levels of individual or group therapy sessions may be offered as well.

It’s easy to assume that outpatient treatment is quicker and less expensive, but you need to weigh the potential cost savings and convenience against the benefits shown in some statistics. They clearly demonstrate that long-term success is more likely to result from extended treatment, through 48-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs.

Many centers offer traditional treatments that include a mix of individual or group counseling, along with psychiatric care options. Some rehab facilities are gender-specific, ideal for those needing help with gender-based issues. If faith-based philosophies are important to you, search for a program that incorporates appropriate treatment approaches. Age-related specializations are important in some cases, especially for adolescents in need of rehab.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Depending on the degree and type of addiction, you will also find a range of outpatient rehabilitation programs, with one suited to your requirements. Look for a facility that will take care to develop the right combination of treatments for you or your loved one.  Program choices may be similar to those offered by inpatient facilities, but they will be tailored to allow you to continue living at home and often, continuing to maintain your regular life schedule.

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Long-Term Rehab and Extended Care for Addiction

People who complete basic rehabilitation and are ready to move into a new phase will often go on to enroll in extended care programs. These may be offered to graduates of inpatient treatment by the original treating facility, or by outpatient facilities that specialize in extended care. Another option is extended-care inpatient facilities, which may be helpful when the home environment is not appropriate, or sobriety has not been established.

Long-term rehab is a choice when those with more complex, chronic or severe addiction challenges need intensive, longer stays, allowing for months-long treatment. As with all forms of treatment, each individual patient’s needs will determine the length and type of treatment that is provided.

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What are your chances for successful treatment? Research shows that statistically, longer inpatient courses of treatment produce better outcomes than more limited programs. That’s why we’ve included plenty of 30-day, 60-day and 90-day choices with various levels of care, and we collect reviews from people who have been there.

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