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The Oaks at La Paloma is more than a residential treatment center—it’s a place of hope and restoration. We believe that every person has the ability to change and heal.

Our attitude is one of acceptance and nonjudgment; we recognize addiction as a disease and know that it takes important steps to be able to manage a mental health condition well. We are here to offer you the opportunity and tools you need to rebuild your life and keep yourself healthy and free. Your life is valuable. Your life is worth living well, and we want you to rediscover your identity in a brand new way.

We will teach you about the psychological and physiological aspects of your addiction and mental health conditions. We will teach you positive coping skills, how to heal your relationships and make new ones, how to free yourself from negative thinking, how to care for your mind, body and spirit, and how to find motivation for a better future. At The Oaks, we believe in you. We will treat you as an individual and make sure that you have what you need to achieve and sustain recovery.

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  • Sydney T..: "When you want to leave give it three more days" I went to La Paloma for trauma, mental illness, and codependency. I was treated greatly from the beginning... See more
  • Michelle D..: Hi, there, i did put my sister at Oaks at La Paloma, assuming that the daily rate was based on the 27,600 monthly rate they advertise. No where did it... See more
  • Rob W..: What an amazing place. Stunningly beautiful. The team here is passionate and committed to healing. Truly focused on someone's unique and individual... See more
  • Mary B..: We put a lot of hope in this facility and we were disappointed at every turn. We were told by the admissions counselor that they had animal therapy. The... See more
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  • Michelle Davis. : i did put my sister at Oaks at La Paloma, assuming that the daily rate was based on the 27,600 monthly rate they advertise. No where did it tell me that if she leaves against clinical advice, the daily rate goes up. I called on a Monday, and they quoted me 1786. Then the following Wednesday, "Jennifer" in the business office says "oops, it just went up to 1926.00???? PER DAY??? I do think it is extremely UNETHICAL to take money from someone like me who is a teacher for a living, has used all of her savings to try and help her twin sister, and then, when she leaves because she is bipolar, they tell me AFTER the fact, that that 27,600 was a discounted rate? That doesn't sit well with me at all. To me, THAT's INSANITY right there. I am going to need every penny back into what is left of my savings to help my sister. The Oaks didn't take her insurance, but they certainly took my money. Quickly, and easily, I may add! What are family members supposed to do? I feel that this practice is dishonest and unfair to family members who are only trying desperately to get help for their mentally ill loved ones. The system should help SUPPORT us, and not be greedy by taking our hard-earned savings.
  • Marie Christner. : I sent my 19 yr old Son to the Oaks on June 11th 2017. I was scared to death but based on the recommendations from Intervention 911, I took the plunge. The day after he arrived I happened to read some of the reviews. I was petrified, I called the facility and was so scared and anxious thinking I made a bad decision. I must admit it wasn't easy getting in contact with someone and had a bit of a struggle getting in touch with proper contacts. After we made the proper contact connections the communication was excellent. The quality of the Staff was excellent. The Facility was very well kept and the food was absolutely amazing. As I previously stated I did have a tough time getting the initial communication started. That would be my only complaint or area of improvement. I must add that my son was not as cooperative as he should or could have been, but that did not stop Henry (Therapist) from taking him on as one of his own and he made excellent progress even though it was like pulling teeth. One additional comment, it is tough to replicate the quality of the care they received in The Oaks, we still cannot find a therapist or Psychiatrist that even comes close to the staff at the Oaks. I recommend The Oaks Hands Down!
  • Connor Randall. : Some of the worst human beings on the planet. They could careless about the patients there. They bill themselves as having mental health support, which consisted of one class once a week where a woman reads off a sheet she just printed off the internet. The most unprofessional doctors I have ever experienced. All they want it to milk your insurance for as much as legally/illegally possible. The director Hally is a vile human being. Absolutely vile. Avoid this place at all cost.
  • Tammy Kowalski. : “We are forever grateful for The Oaks at La Paloma. My nephew struggled for 16 years with drug and alcohol abuse. During that 16 years our Family was determined to never give up as we believed there had to be an answer. That answer finally came when he agreed to enroll and attend the 30 day Recovery program at The Oaks. After completing the program, the change and progress in his thinking and behavior is nothing short of radical. Not only will the connection he made to the counselors and staff be the strong foundation to his future success, he now has the needed tools to face his future with confidence. Through the caring medical staff, structured program, and holistic approach to healing, the Oaks at La Paloma truly provides an environment where people have the opportunity to move beyond addiction and begin living Life once again.”
  • Jordyn Clemandot. : My brother passed away Dec 18 2016 there. Very uncaring staff. Found him unresponsive at 630 am and instead of calling 911 they left his room until 706 and finally called for help. He laid in his bed passed away for awhile according to EMT records. So much for their 15 minute checks. They left out the part on their medical records that they went into his room at 630. Only found out by requesting other records. Justice will be served for my brother. The clinical director there was very cold and unhelpful. Any place that stands out a patients room while he lays there to figure out how they are going to cover their butt needs to be fired.
  • Elle Callahan. : The staff was consistently verbally abusive to my mother.
  • Bertha Staten. : I love ???? helping others.
  • Dylan Cardamone. : Worst facility I’ve ever been to my therapist let everyone there including all the other patients my business and I was hazed by not only the patients but the staff. Never could I imagine somewhere to be soo low and uncaring when people are paying good money to save their live’s... DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE AT ALL COSTS.
  • A Google User. : Worst facility I’ve ever been to my therapist let everyone there including all the other patients my business and I was hazed by not only the patients but the staff. Never could I imagine somewhere to be soo low and uncaring when people are paying good money to save their live’s... DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE AT ALL COSTS.
  • Michelle Henry. : The Oaks is a wonderful place to work and provides the best care possible for those with substance use disorders and/or mental health disorders. I am very proud to be a part of the outstanding patient care provided at The Oaks at La Paloma
  • Wendi Wessels. : La paloma is an amazing rehabilitation facility. Every single member of the staff was professional and caring. The care and support I received helped prepare me for a successful stay in sober living and IOP program. LA PALOMA taught me life skills I will carry with me forever. Thank you la paloma!
  • K T. : This place is awful! If you are looking for substance abuse do not go here. They didn’t even offer an AA meeting. It’s more of a mental pill mill. You are not able to close your bedroom door OR your bathroom door. The beds are like sleeping on springs along with a pillow that was like sleeping on a bag of apples. The treatment/classes were not helpful and some employees that would teach the classes would embarrass you in front of everyone not to mention it’s the same classes week after week. The only lady who seemed to like and enjoy her job was the music lady. It’s dirty and looks nothing like the online pics. Never seen a rope climbing thing(?) and if you wanted to use the music studio you maybe able to your last week if you ever get “leveled up” which was impossible for most. When I asked to leave this place (I went on my own will) they refused to give me my belongings (my ID, phone, money and suitcase)for days (5 days!) but would tell me I could leave whenever I wanted. I wasn’t from that state and needed my ID to get on an airplane! It was totally wrong of them. This was not a treatment for substance abuse but if your going crazy and need to have eyes on you 24/7 then maybe it’s the place for you. I would never send anyone I loved here regardless of their condition.

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